Western Grassfed Beef - Organic

Fifteen years ago, organic grass fed beef was an unknown term in the grocery store, an inefficient word to most beef producers, and a tradition on the Wood Ranch in Susanville, CA. 

As the demand for grass fed beef grows, Western Grassfed Beef (WGB) has stayed true to its core values, selling only 100% grass fed and grass finished beef from cattle that are Born & Raised in the USA by family ranchers. WGB cattle never receive growth stimulating hormones or antibiotics – ever, and are always raised and handled humanely in low-stress environments. Not long after launching WGB’s never/ever, 100% grass-fed and finished program, the ranchers decided to take it one step further and add USDA Certified Organic to their resume. The process to become certified organic is no small feat. However, since WGB’s cattle were already raised without added hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs, certified organic was a relatively easy feather to add to the WGB cap!

To achieve organic certification, WGB’s partnering ranchers must also get their land certified by proving that their land has not been treated with synthetic pesticides and herbicides or other chemicals for at least three years. It is an extensive process but luckily, most of the rangelands WGB cattle call home are owned or leased by multi-generation ranching families that have been stewards of the same land for generations. These ranchers rely on their land to feed and nourish their cattle, so all WGB ranchers employ pasture rotation and land-management practices that promote animal health and protect the delicate rangeland ecosystems. Through these land-management practices WGB’s partnering ranchers are able to care for their land and leave it better than they found it – organically.

Western Grassfed Beef Organic
Today, Western Grassfed Beef’s participating family ranchers in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest span over 800,000 acres of USDA Certified Organic grasslands. The 25 small family ranchers that make up WGB’s west coast region have made the commitment to raise organic, 100% grass-fed and grass finished cattle for the long term. With these local ranchers, WGB is able to provide high quality, USDA Certified Organic, 100% grass fed beef that has never been treated with antibiotics or given added hormones, year-round. 



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