The Ranchers

A note from Wayne Langston, Vice President, Production for WesternGrassfed Beef

Our 100% grass fed and grass finished beef comes from cattle raised naturally by family ranchers on lush, green, grassy pastures and hillsides in the heartland of the American West. Our ranchers think of their history as they look towards tomorrow. They are constantly working to preserve the land on which their ancestors raised herds of cattle. This is the same land that will someday be handed down to future generations.


We hold our ranchers to very high standards of sustainable farming practices, humane animal handling, and careful management of natural resources. Our ranchers meet and exceed these standards to ensure the preservation of local wildlife and plants because they believe as strongly as we do that these practices produce beef that is pure, nutritious, and delicious.  

So when you buy Western Grassfed Beef, you are supporting more than a rancher's business. You are supporting holistic food production and endorsing a nature-guided way of life.