Environment and Conservation

Western Grassfed Beef is a pioneering organization dedicated to the very highest standards of 100% grass fed beef production and rangeland stewardship. Working with family ranchers who commit themselves to sustainable range and ecosystem management is the foundation of what we do.  Western Grassfed Beef also demands and verifies that all cattle are Born and Raised in the USA®



Raising beef cattle responsibly and ethically requires a commitment to sustainable farming practices, including careful management of delicate ecosystems and natural resources. Western Grassfed Beef ranchers raise 100% grass fed and grass finished cattle, so they rely on healthy rangelands for their animals.  That makes Western Grassfed Beef a great choice for you and the environment.

WGB Ranchers work to maintain & preserve delicate ecosystems


To us, conservation means sustainably providing a wholesome, healthy, nutritious and natural 100% grass fed beef product. It would be foolish for us to mismanage the very ground and ecosystems that we rely upon to nurture our cattle. Just like the migrating bison that roamed the United States over one hundred years ago, our cattle traverse pastures and graze. They trod the landscape reseeding native plant species, sequestering carbon and providing fertilizer for future growth.  It truly is a sustainable ranching system and our primary method of conservation.

Ranchers also make Rangeland Conservation a priority


Western Grassfed Beef's ranchers pride themselves on their land management and conservation practices. Many of our ranchers have been nationally recognized for their outstanding stewardship and willingness to go above and beyond in their environmental conservation efforts. 

2009 National Cattlemen's Beef Association Region VI Environmental Stewardship Award Winner - Leavitt Lake Ranches 

Environmental Stewardship Award Winners