Meet the New Superfood: Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth

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Beef Bone Broth with spoon

Typically, when you want to assist your daily health, you take vitamins. You swallow synthetic supplements hoping to have more energy, less pain, higher efficiency, better skin, healthier weight. Whether you’re searching for a daily nutritional boost, or shifting towards a paleo lifestyle, beef bone broth is the nutrient-packed alternative to man-made pills. Differing from stock in the preparation and nourishment, bone broth is made by simmering bones in water for many hours. As the beef bone marrow, cartilage, and bones themselves begin to breakdown, dense nutrients and flavor are released into the water to create a broth. Did I mention its gluten free and paleo-friendly? Below are a few examples of the benefits a bone broth can offer.

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Ten Reasons to Add Bone Broth to Your Diet


Bone broth makes your gut glow.

From obesity and diabetes to heart disease and cancer, diseases of aging begin with inflammation—and that inflammation starts in your gut. A sick gut is a leaky gut, letting toxins escape into your bloodstream and triggering an immune system response that leaves you chronically inflamed.

Bones are rich in collagen, which turns into gelatin when you cook it—and gelatin is a powerful gut healer. It fortifies your intestinal wall, loads you up with anti-inflammatory chemicals that put out the “fire” in your gut, and creates a healthy environment for your gut microbes.

Bone broth protects your joints.

Your joints contain cartilage, a slippery Teflon-like coating that allows them to slide over each other without grinding.  Similarly, animal bones contain cartilage. (The stuff on the end of a chicken drumstick, for instance, is cartilage.) Cartilage is packed with glucosamine and chondroitin—the same nutrients many doctors prescribe as supplements to keep joints young and healthy.

How powerful are these nutrients? A randomized, double-blind clinical trial in 2015 found that oral chondroitin and glucosamine are as effective as the arthritis drug Celebrex in reducing pain, swelling, and functional limitations caused by knee osteoarthritis.

What’s more, glucosamine and chondroitin aren’t the only joint-healing nutrients in bone broth. It also contains hyaluronic acid, which lubricates your joints and muscles.

Bone broth can fight cellulite.

Because the collagen in bone broth strengthens your skin’s connective tissue, it doesn’t just erase wrinkles—it helps smooth out that cellulite on your thighs.

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In addition to gelatin (collagen), glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin, bone broth boasts an array of vital vitamins and minerals: Magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, and even amino acids at levels higher than traditional meat.

Your choice of bones is crucial when looking to make beef bone broth. According to The Whole9, to extract maximum health benefits from the bones, the animal itself needs to be healthy. Healthy is a relative term, though there is something to be said about the state of animals raised in captivity, heavily medicated, and fed an improper diet. Avoid conventionally raised beef and instead opt for grass fed, open pasture cattle raised with no antibiotics or added hormones. Try our bones to make a broth packed with 100% grass fed nutrients from free-range cattle raised in an eco-friendly environment.

Making beef bone broth is very simple.

The rule of thumb is one quart of water to every one pound of bone. Add desired amount of water to a large pot, and begin to simmer on medium heat. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Rinse your bones under cold water, dry, and place on a cooking sheet. When the oven is preheated, roast your bones for 20 minutes before flipping and roasting for 20 more minutes. After they are roasted to a beautiful brown color, add them to the pan of water.

Add one medium sized onion, four stalks of celery, and two medium sized carrots for every three pounds of bone. Rinse your vegetables, and chop them into halves prior to adding them to the pot of water. Ensure there is enough water to fully submerge all ingredients. Now for the fun part: it’s time to pick your herbs! This is where you can get very creative. If you’re looking for a place to start, we recommend using a traditional base of thyme, marjoram, bay leaf, and sage. If you’re using dried herbs, add them to the broth in the last 3 to 6 hours of cooking to maximize flavor. If you’re using fresh herbs, add them in the last two hours of cooking. Once the bones and vegetables come to a simmer, reduce the heat down to a gentle simmer (usually low-medium) and WALK AWAY.

Yes, you.

Simmer the mixture for 8 to 24 hours, adding water as needed to maintain a full pot. Once the broth is done simmering, pour through a sieve into whatever storage container/jar you’ve chosen. Refrigerate for up to a week, or freeze indefinitely. Once the mixture is cold it will take on a gelatin form, with a layer of fat on the top. This is normal, and even healthy! You are free to remove the fat if you’d like. The consistency will return to a broth once it’s heated. Drink as is, use as a soup base, add to rice for a delicious gravy, the options are endless!

The next time you’re in the store, sifting through synthetic vitamins hoping to find one with low sugar and high nutritional value, remember you have a better alternative: we can deliver grass fed beef bones directly to your door to simplify your beef bone broth endeavor. It’s good for your skin, it’s good for your immune system, it’s good for aging, weight loss, energy levels, muscle reparation, and it’s created by nature rather than a laboratory. Choose healthy. Choose natural. Choose the Western Grassfed Beef way.

Western Grassfed Beef, the Natural Beef label from Panorama Meats, sources cattle directly from American ranches throughout the West and Midwest. All cattle are born and raised on open pasture and are fed a diet of grasses and range forage. Our natural 100% grass fed and grass finished beef is humanely raised with no antibiotics or added hormones, and always raised on pastures. We believe in supporting our rancher's way of life and in raising cattle the right way.

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