Easy Rigatoni Sugo with Grass Fed Ground Beef and Swiss Chard [Recipe]

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Dinner time is family time in our home. A couple hours amidst the hustle and bustle we can all come together and live in the moment. I don’t even get upset anymore when my kids cry for fish sticks after I spent an hour making chicken pot pie! I will give them this, though: they never complain about red meat (that’s how I know they’re my kids). I also have no problem feeding them beef more often than not, so long as it’s grass fed and grass finished beef. The benefits out-perform conventionally raised meat, meaning I don’t need to worry about what my home-cooked meal will do to their health. Finding easy weeknight dinners to satisfy the entire family can be a challenge. Below you’ll find one of my favorite Italian recipes. It’s a hit with the kids, my wife loves it, and since we use grass fed and grass finished ground beef I can relax knowing I’m feeding them a healthy dinner.


Prep Time: 15 minutes   Cook Time: 50 minutes   Serves: 6-8



1 lb 100% Western Grassfed Ground Beef
1 Yellow onion (approx. 1 1/2 cups diced)
2 tbsp Olive oil 
     (We like Kasandrinos EVOO)
1/2 tbsp Granulated garlic powder
2 oz Salami, sliced into thin strips 
     (We like Applegate Organic Salami)
2 tbsp Tomato paste
1 cup Pasta sauce, preferably tomato basil 
     (We like Rao’s Tomato Basil)
1/2 cup Tomato sauce
1/2 tbsp Dried thyme
3/4 cups Kalamata olives, pitted
8 oz Ricotta cheese
16 oz Rigatoni pasta 
   Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 bunch Green Swiss chard, chopped into 1” pieces
2 tbsp Olive oil
1/2 tsp Garlic powder
  Pinch of salt



  1. In a large preheated saucepot over high heat add diced onion to dry pan and stir until softened to remove excess moisture (approx. 2 to 3 minutes).

  2. Add olive oil, garlic and salami. Cook over high heat stirring frequently until onions are translucent (3 to 5 minutes).

  3. Add the grass fed ground beef and tomato paste. Break up any large lumps, and cook until meat is no longer pink (about 5 minutes).

  4. Add pasta sauce, thyme and season with salt and pepper to taste.

  5. Finish sauce with ricotta cheese and olives, stirring to combine. Keep warm on low heat.

    Blanch the Swiss Chard with hot pasta water (see below)
  6. Cook pasta in boiling salted water according to instructions on the package.

  7. Place chopped Swiss chard into a colander and place in a large bowl in the sink placing a second colander on top of the Swiss chard to catch the cooked pasta.

  8. Pour hot pasta water into top colander, letting hot water cover the chard, let sit 1 minute.

  9. Return pan to heat and adjust to medium-low, add olive oil and garlic (you will add the Swiss chard to this pan after it’s set for 1 minute).

  10. Pour cooked rigatoni into ricotta sauce.

  11. Carefully lift colander with Swiss chard from hot water and shake excess moisture.

  12. Add Swiss chard to hot pan containing olive oil and garlic; stir and season with a pinch of salt.

Serve on separate platters, and enjoy!  

Thank you so much to our very own Chef John Dallet for sharing this recipe with us. We believe in providing you with a meat that came from US ranches that support sustainable cattle raising. Our 100% grass fed ground beef is better for you and better for our planet. At Western Grassfed Beef, we sell beef that’s never administered antibiotics, given added hormones nor fed grains! Give us a call at (844) 668 8920 if you want to find out more about how we raise our cattle or order online today!

Western Grassfed Beef, the Natural Beef label from Panorama Meats, sources cattle directly from American ranches throughout the West and Midwest. All cattle are born and raised on open pasture and are fed a diet of grasses, legumes, and range forage. Our natural 100% grass fed and grass finished beef is humanely raised with no antibiotics or added hormones, and always raised on pastures. We believe in supporting our rancher's way of life and in raising cattle the right way.

Submitted by the WGB Team

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