Celebrate Earth Day Without Leaving Grass Fed Beef Behind



Do you ever wonder what Earth Day is all about and what you can do to celebrate? This international holiday was created to recognize the need to promote environmental education along with choosing to protect our beautiful planet. Here are a few ways that you can celebrate Earth Day with you and your family.

  • Walk Nature and Clean up as you go!

  • Make a recycling center

  • Have a BBQ with grass fed beef!!! Yes, we are excited about this one!

  • Create Crafts with recycled material

  • Plant a Tree

Take a Nature Walk While Picking Up Trash

Earth Day is all about appreciating our planet while making small changes to help the depletion of its resources. One way to do both of these at the same time is to take a nature walk to learn about the local wildlife and plants. While walking, take bags and gloves so that you and your group can pick up trash. To help prevent more plastic to be found in a landfill, use burlap bags to collect the trash. These can be found at your local coffee roaster. Burlap bags will begin to decompose months after being in contact with water.

Make a Recycling Center

Recycling not only reduces landfills, it also saves energy, helps protect wildlife, and is good for the economy all while reducing greenhouse gases. Getting in the habit of recycling can be easy for you and your family if you create a recycling center in your home. Recycle, Reduce, Reuse is something that you can start doing today! 

Have a BBQ with Grass Fed Beef

Take a break from all the hard work and have a BBQ! If you want meat that is sustainable, is better for you and better for the environment choose 100% grass fed, grass finished beef for lunch, dinner or both!  Whereas conventionally raised corn fed cattle are cooped up in feedlots, hardly moving and fed enormous amount of grain so they’ll gain weight quick; 100% grass fed cattle are raised on pastures, left to grow as nature intended and work in harmony with the land. Plus, choosing 100% grass fed beef just tastes better.

Create Crafts With Recycled Material

Once you are full of amazing grass fed beef, you will have the energy for this next idea! Turning recycled material into crafts is also known as green crafting. This is becoming more popular as we are learning more on how important recycling is to our planet. Green crafting is easy to do when you are given the ideas on what you can do with the random things that you have laying around your house. Give new life to something old.

Plant a Tree

Planting a tree is a common way to give back to your planet. Trees not only provide oxygen for our planet, but it also removes millions of tons of CO2. Trees also provide shelter and food for animals, decrease air conditioning needs when planted strategically alongside homes, and more.

Remember to have fun with your celebration! If you are interested in learning more about grass fed beef, then check us out at Western Grassfed Beef. Our natural 100% grass fed and grass finished beef is humanely raised with no antibiotics or added hormones, and always raised on open pasture. Purchase delicious beef online with us today and have it sent straight to your door!

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