Bourbon Grass Fed Beef Meatball Appetizers [Recipe]

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Get ready for your holiday parties with this grass fed ground beef meatball recipe. If you don’t know how to make meatballs and you think it is a lot of time and energy in the kitchen, think again! These meatball appetizers couldn’t be easier and when you have Western Grassfed Beef in your refrigerator, they couldn’t be better for you and your guests. This recipe also gives you the option of using your oven for a speedier cook time, or using your slow cooker to free up your attention for other party details. Whichever way you choose, these grass fed ground beef meatballs are going to melt in your mouth!

Meatball appetizers

Bourbon Grass Fed Beef Meatball Appetizers

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Oven Cook Time: 15 min.
Slow Cooker: 1-3 hours
Serves: 8-10



1 lb Western Grassfed Ground Beef  
1/4 cup   Onion, chopped
Clove of Garlic or 1 tsp dried granules
1 tsp Dried thyme
1/4 cup Rolled oats
1 tsp Kosher or pink salt
2 tsp Cooking oil


1/2 cup Ketchup
1 tbsp Brown sugar, packed
1/4 cup Bourbon whiskey
1 tsp Apple cider vinegar
1 dash Worcestershire sauce



  1. If using the oven, Preheat oven to 325’. If using a crockpot, preheat on high for 20 min.

  2. In a medium bowl, combine grass fed ground beef, onion, oats, spices and salt. Mix thoroughly until meat has a sticky texture and can be made into a large ball.

    Grass fed ground beef, onions, and garlic in a bowl

  3. Heat a large skillet over high heat. Add cooking oil and begin to scoop the meatballs into your hot pan using a small scoop or a sturdy teaspoon measure. Turn down heat and check that the meatballs are browning nicely, turn as needed and work in batches to make sure at least one side is browned.

    Meatballs being formed with scoop

  4. Add all sauce ingredients in a bowl. Mix well.

    Meatball sauce in a bowl

     Place meatballs in a casserole dish. In small bowl combine sauce ingredients, and pour over meatballs. Gently toss to coat with sauce and bake in oven for 15 min. Let cool slightly before serving.

    Crockpot: Preheat on high for 20 min. Place your browned meatballs into your crockpot, and pour the bourbon sauce on top. Once crock is preheated go ahead and turn your crockpot down to low. Cook on high for 1 hour or low 2-3 hours, turn to warm setting or cool slightly to serve.

    Meatballs sauce and meatballs in slow cooker

Thank you so much to our very own Chef John Dallet for sharing how to make meatballs with us. Here at Western Grassfed Beef we believe in ranching practices and products that don’t need synthetic nitrites or nitrates, MSG, added hormones, antibiotics, or anything “extra”. The cattle are raised on open pasture, on ranches that support sustainable cattle raising. Our grass fed, grass finished beef is officially Paleo Approved by the Paleo Foundation. Buy your 100% grass fed ground beef today at our online store. The ordering process is easy, and the meat is delivered straight to your door!

Western Grassfed Beef, the Natural Beef label from Panorama Meats, works directly with U.S. family ranchers throughout the West and Midwest. All cattle are born and raised on open pasture and are fed a diet of grasses and range forage. Our natural 100% grass fed and grass finished beef is humanely raised with no antibiotics or added hormones, and always raised on pastures. We believe in supporting our rancher's way of life and in raising cattle the right way.

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