16 Creative Holiday Uses for Beef Snack Sticks

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Make everyone happy this holiday season with some delicious 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished Beef Snack Sticks from Western Grassfed Beef! That’s right, whether you’re hosting a party, traveling to see family or friends, putting together a care package, or finishing up your holiday shopping, our beef sticks are perfect for anyone who loves a tasty and healthy snack. So, as you’re prepping and preparing for all the upcoming holiday shenanigans, we’ve come up with 16 creative ways to help you think about how to use our beef sticks this holiday season.

1. Stocking Stuffers

This one’s a no brainer! Our Beef Snack Sticks make great stocking stuffers. They’re affordable, add variety, and they fit easily into a stocking with other goodies you are giving. Not to mention, they are simply delicious, so go ahead, throw in a few sticks or a whole bundle!

Beef Sticks Stocking Stuffer

2. Topping Gifts

Some people use peppermint sticks to embellish their gift wrapping, but why not use our Beef Snack Sticks instead? You can step up your gift-wrapping game this year with beef sticks! Instead of topping your gifts with candy canes, tie some beef sticks and ribbon together for creative and delicious gift wrapping. Who wouldn’t love to get a beef stick to snack on during the gift opening frenzy? Like this idea and want more like it? Check out these 11 unusual gift topper ideas.

Beef Sticks For Gift Toppers

3. Paired with a Gift Card

Everyone loves a good gift card, but when someone receives a gift card they don’t necessarily get to enjoy it right away. To remedy this, add a few beef sticks with the gift card you’re giving and they can enjoy part of your gift right away! You will give them some instant gratification with this savory snack! If you want to beef up the deal ever more, give them the gift of a Western Grassfed Beef Gift Card and throw in a few beef sticks as a place holder!

Beef Sticks Gift Card

4. Advent Calendar

You know those chocolate Advent calendars from your childhood? Looking for a creative alternative for your own family? Try making your own calendar and use beef sticks as fillers items. For the those who like to observe the Advent calendar in the traditional sense, or who just like to count down the days to Christmas, we think our Beef Snack Sticks will make your calendar much tastier this holiday season. Don’t have an advent calendar? We like this easy DIY advent calendar!

Beef Sticks Advent Calendar

5. Gift Basket

Putting together a nice gift basket for the holidays? Well, this is another idea you don’t even need to think twice about! Stick a bundle or two of our Beef Snack Sticks into the basket. These snacks are a great addition to any food-themed basket. There are so many possibilities! Our beef sticks are a great addition whether the gift basket is for one person, a family, or an office gift.

Beef Sticks For Gift Baskets

6. Man Bouquet

Like the gift basket, another holiday gift-giving trend is the candy bouquet. But better yet, is a new twist on this concept: the “man bouquet”. Although we’re sure women would love this idea too! Position some of our Beef Snack Sticks, other tasty snacks, and mini liquor bottles together in a for a super fun and unique gift. Does this seem like the perfect gift idea for a man in your life? Here’s a how-to on creating a man bouquet.

Beef Sticks Man Gift

7. Teacher Gift

A great way to show teachers appreciation is by including them on your holiday gift list. You can’t go wrong by giving bundles of beef sticks to the teachers in your life. They usually get a lot of stationary supplies (which they love too), but a quick savory snack for the busy teacher is a great alternative! Take it to the next level and create a gift basket with our Beef Snack Sticks and school supplies. You will definitely earn extra credit for this gift! Here’s some more gift ideas that teachers will love.

Beef Sticks Teacher Gift

8. Office/Coworker Gifts

Coworkers can be hard to shop for during the holiday season, especially if you have a lot of them and you are on a budget. If you need something quick and inexpensive for a lot of people, take the guess work out of gift buying and treat your coworkers to our Beef Snack Sticks. Your gift will be such a hit!

Beef Sticks Office Gift

9. Themed gifts

Themed gifts are so fun and there are many ways to incorporate our Beef Snack Sticks cleverly! Maybe you’re putting together a hunting-themed gift with gear, accessories, and camo-everything? Throw in a bundle of beef sticks. Assembling a camping- or hiking-themed gift for the adventurer in your life? Include a bundle of beef sticks. You can even throw in some beef sticks for a movie-theater-themed gift. Include movie tickets, sweet treats, and Beef Snack Sticks. Our beef sticks are a yummy and easy snack for anyone, and they’ll add just a bit more flavor to your gift giving this year.

Beef Sticks Movie Snack

10. Care Packages to Soldiers

There’s something about the holiday season that inspires us to give back to those whose lives are dedicated to serving others. If you’re thinking about putting together a care package to a soldier, beef sticks make great fillers items. This amazing snack is healthy, tasty, and convenient! It’s also a great alternative to all the sugary holiday treats.

For more ideas, Veteran’s United Network offers a lot of insightful tips to help you pack a care package for deployed troopswith items they really want.

Beef Sticks Soldier Care Package

11. Care Packages for the Homeless

The holidays are an especially good time to show you care and pay it forward. One way to do this is by handing out care packages for people who are in need and perhaps homeless. For convenience, you can keep a few care packages handy in your car in case you see someone in need.

There are many items you could include in these care packages, and our Beef Snack Sticks are an excellent choice because they contain good nutritional value in the way of protein and calories. Also, our Beef Snack Sticks are soft and easy to chew for people who are impoverished and may not have access to regular dental care. For more ideas, The Veteran’s Site has some helpful tips about what to include and what not to include in your care packages for people who are homeless.

Beef Sticks Homeless Care Package

12. College student care package

Is your college kid coming home for the holidays? Send them back to school with a care package. Make sure to include a bunch of our Beef Snack Sticks. This snack is so easy for busy college students to pack quickly in a backpack and always have a handy snack while they’re running from class to class and to their internship or to work. You’ll also feel good about sending your kid back to school with something healthy and nourishing to snack on. Here’s some more great ideas for parents on making the best care package ever.

Beef Sticks for Care Package

13. Meat and Cheese Tray

The holiday season is all about the food (and family and other important things too). But yummy snacks are a big deal at holiday gatherings. Try something new this year for an appetizer by using our Beef Snack Sticks. They are an easy, convenient little party snack with many flavors to choose from. Stick a few bundles in a holiday vase or tray and serve. Or spice up your favorite charcuterie tray by throwing some cut up beef sticks in the mix! They’re such a clever party snack.

Beef Sticks with Meat and Cheese Tray

14. Gift Exchange

Do you have a holiday gift exchange coming up and you’re not sure what to buy? Shopping for gift exchanges can be difficult because you don’t know who you’re shopping for or what they will like. Whether you need a white elephant gift or a secret Santa gift, we’re confident our Beef Snack Sticks are the perfect solution for gift exchanges. Most most people would love to get a package of these amazingly healthy and scrumptious snacks.

Beef Sticks for Gift Exchange

15. Hostess Gift

The holiday season is packed with parties and gatherings. If you’re looking for a hostess gift that is unique, consider bringing your host a bundle of our Beef Snack Sticks instead of the traditional wine bottle. Scratch that… wine is always good too, so why not bring some Beef Snack Sticks AND wine to your next holiday party!

Beef Sticks for Hostess Gift

16. Holiday travel snacks

For some folks, the holidays are notorious for long travel, and whether going by air or car, it’s not always feasible to stop for snacks, let alone a healthy snack that will keep you fed and fueled. That’s why we suggest you keep a stash of our Beef Snack Sticks in your carry-on bag or in the car for a fast protein-packed snack that will keep you going and going. The great thing too is that beef sticks are easy to store, light weight, and mess-free, and there are various flavors to choose from!

Beef Sticks Travel Snack

This holiday season, we are so proud to offer you our new delicious Beef Snack Sticks—made with all natural ingredients from 100% grass fed and grass finished cattle raised the right way, with no added hormones and no antibiotics—ever. Our beef stick bundles come in three awesome flavors: original, jalapeno smoky sweet, and a variety pack of all three. You and everyone on your holiday shopping lists won’t be disappointed! Check out the Beef Blog to learn more about what makes our Beef Snack Sticks so delicious and healthy. If we have already convinced you head straight to our Online Store to buy your Beef Snack Sticks now!

Western Grassfed Beef, the Natural Beef label from Panorama Meats, works directly with U.S. family ranchers throughout the West and Midwest. All cattle are born and raised on open pasture and are fed a diet of grasses and range forage. Our natural 100% grass fed and grass finished beef is humanely raised with no antibiotics or added hormones, and always raised on pastures. We believe in supporting our rancher's way of life and in raising cattle the right way.

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