10 Things Western Grassfed Beef Staff Are Thankful For


With Thanksgiving right around the corner we decided this would be the perfect opportunity to stop and reflect on a few things we, Western Grassfed Beef, are thankful for. While the list goes on forever, we wanted to share the top 10 things we are thankful for with you!

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1. Honoring All Who Have Served

We chose to start this count down on November 11th, a day that honors one of the things we as a company and citizens of this great country, are most thankful for. Our veterans, our troops and our freedom. Every day that we get to come to work and make it home safely we silently thank those who allow us to do so, those soldiers who are overseas fighting for our freedom, and those who don’t get to come home at the end of the day.

Thankful for Veterans

If you are interested in showing your gratitude to our armed forces and giving a little back. Donating care package items to the troops is a great an easy way to do so. Easy items they are always in need of are: postage stamps, Ziploc bags (gallon and quart size), new DVDs, new CDs, unscented wet wipes, pistachios, and beef jerky (or our Smoked Beef Snack Sticks). Donations can be made to your local Blue Star Moms or through programs like Support Our Troops that allow you to send care packages directly by mail.

2. Our Partnering Ranchers

In the conventional beef industry most cattle go through 3 different stages. The calves are born to cows on one ranch where they graze with their mothers for around 6 – 10 months. Once they reach a weight of 450 -700lbs they are weaned off their mothers and are sent to their second stage, the stocker. Stockers keep these cattle until they are about 12 to 16 months old, allowing the cattle to graze and keep growing. Once they are to the proper weight and size the cattle enter their 3 and final stage, the feedlot. Here, they are introduced to a grain based diet that allow them to finish, or develop the desired amount of fat and marbling before they are harvested. The cattle go through 3 stages in 3 different homes in less than 3 years.

Thankful for Ranchers

However, at Western Grassfed Beef, the cattle live a different lifeOur ranchers raise and care for their cattle through every stage of their life. They are never shipped off to a feedlot.  We work with some of the best U.S. family ranchers throughout the west and they are just as invested in providing high quality, humanely grass fed and grass finished beef as we are. We depend on them. They truly are our partners. They take pride in knowing that their animals were treated with the utmost respect and that they are going to provide our loyal customers with a quality beef product.

3. Our New Products

You can’t go wrong with our ground beef and steaks items. They are tender, flavorful, and delicious. They can be cooked millions of different ways and you won’t be disappointed. However, our newest pride & joy items are some  that take our amazing grass fed and finished beef and go a step further. Creating new products that are tasty, high-quality, and convenient, and that make our customers happy is another thing we are very thankful for.

Thankful for New Products

This past year we have unveiled 3 new 100% Grass Fed Beef products!

  • Mixed Beef Soup & Broth Bones  Certified Paleo and perfect for those who love to make their own bone broth!
  • Smoked Beef Snack Sticks  Certified Paleo and available in 3 amazing flavors: Original, Smoky Sweet & Jalapeno!
  • Beef Bone Broth  Paleo Approved, delicious, nutritious, and super convenient in our easy pour pouch!

We look forward to bringing even more great products to our customers next year!

4. Our Online Store 

Marriage, College and Business all have one thing in common. The first year is hardest. Thanks to you, our loyal customers who gave us a chance and tried our beef, we survived our first year. Our online store is officially 1-year-old!

In the last year we have lived and learned. We made changes to our website to make it more user friendly. We also upgraded our order fulfillment process to be able to send orders out more than once week. We brought you 50 blogs with amazing recipes, stories about our ranchers and staff, and tips and tricks about cooking grass fed beef and all its benefits. Our first year was truly a great one. We can’t wait to see what year 2 brings.

Thankful for One Year Online Store

5. Our Land

 It is pretty safe to say that without grass there would be no grass-fed beef and without abundant pastures our cattle could not be pasture-raised. For that reason, we owe a huge “thank you” to the land. At Western Grassfed Beef our ranchers make their land a top priority because they know that if they don’t care for the land it can’t care for their cattle. The key to a sustainable grass fed beef operation literally starts at ground and works it ways up.

Thankful for the Land

Our ranchers have the incredible opportunity to spend every day working at some of the American West’s most beautiful offices and they do everything they can to maintain their beautiful views.

6. Our Staff

Teamwork makes dream work! Or in our case, teamwork makes MEAT work!

Thankful for the Staff

Without this incredible team there would be no Western Grassfed Beef. As a small company it truly takes everyone working together to get the job done. This year we even had the pleasure of expanding the WGB team and adding 4 new team members. We are so thankful for all the hard work each team member does and the success we’ve had in the past year.

7. Our Customers 

 Number 7 on this list YOU! Without our customers supporting us and demanding the very best 100% grass fed and grass finished beef, all of our hard work would be wasted. We have seen so much support these last 4 months too, we even gained 200 new customers!!! So we thank you, members of the 100% Club, valued customers, and supporters for trusting us and giving us that chance to provide you with a better beef for a better you!

Thankful for the Customers

8. Our Cattle

It’s no revelation that without cattle there would be no beef. So this season we are very thankful for all of the healthy, humanely raised, grass fed cattle that our partnering ranchers are raising for our program. We are also thankful for all the rain we have got this fall that is growing green grass that will keep our cattle all full and happy.

Thankful for the Cattle

9. High Quality

We are thankful and proud to raise high quality grass fed beef. Our standards are strict but with the help of our amazing ranching partners we are able to meet every standard, every time. These quality standards are not required, instead we have chosen these standards because we believe they set us apart. We believe that raising our beef to meet these standards is the right way to do it and that in the end it leads to a better, higher quality grass fed beef product for you!

Thankful for Quality-1.png

10. Our Family and Friends

Last but not least, we are thankful for the simple and most important things in life. That is, our good friends, are wonderful families, good food and good health. We wish all the same for you.

Thankful for Family and Friends

From our WGB family to yours – we wish you a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!

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